Year 3

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year  3

In Year 3 we have lots of fun while working very hard and learning about exciting new things. 


  • Term 1


    In term 1, our topics are “Chocolate” and “Staying Healthy”




    In Literacy, we study Roald Dahl’s brilliant book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and write autobiographies about our sporting heroes. We also write shape poems about different fruit.

    In Maths, we work hard to further develop our understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction. We then apply these skills in real life situations.

    In Science, we carry out different experiments linked to chocolate and think about our bodies and how to stay healthy.

    Our topic work bring exciting cross-curricular activities in Art, Music, Computing and Design Technology. We design, make and sell our own delicious chocolate creations and sketch athletes.


    Term 2

    In term 2, we investigate who the greatest inventors were, Stone Age or Romans?

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    In Literacy, we write our own Stone Age stories based on the brilliant book ‘Stone Age Boy’ and non-chronological reports about the Romans. We also use Minecraft to create a quest story about Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii.

    In Maths, we continue to develop our understanding of the four operations, as well as learn to read and write Roman Numerals. As part of our Maths curriculum, we also plan an exciting trip to Rome using our Mathematical understanding and skills.

    In Science, we develop our understanding of forces, particularly elastic energy, when designing Roman Catapults. We also use our investigative skills to study different rocks.

    In our topic work we take part in an exciting Roman enrichment day. Real Romans visit our class for the day and teach us all about their life. We also create beautiful cave paintings and spend a day living like a stone age person. We get to build shelters out of branches and leaves and a fire to cook food.


  • Term 3

    In term 3 our topic is Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 


    In Literacy, we design our own ‘Fantastic Beasts’ and then write a documentary about them. We then record them using the app Telligami. When finished, we invite parents and carers to come and take part in a Fantastic Beast hunt around our school grounds where they can watch our videos. We also plan, write and film a news report to warn the people of Heald Green about the beasts on the loose.


    In Maths, we continue to develop our understanding of fractions, focusing on fractions of shapes and numbers. We then learn to read analogue and digital times and begin to understand the 24-hour clock.


    In Science, we investigate light and shadows as well as studying plants and their life cycle. We create our own fantastic beast shadow puppets and recreate the moment when they escape from the suitcase.  


    In our topic work, we use atlases to find where different beasts can be found and study the main biomes of the world. We then create our own biome in a suitcase, just like Newt Scamanders. We also study the micro-habitats within our school grounds and create a map using a key.




  • Information


    It is very important for children to read regularly, independently and to an adult. Books will be changed on a Tuesday or Thursday. Please sign the reading record to show the book has been read.



    Homework will be sent home on a Friday. It needs to be handed in on the following Thursday. We will work through the answers together in class to solve any misconceptions.

    Spellings and times tables tests will take place on a Wednesday.



    Children need their PE kits in school on a Monday and Tuesday.

    Year 3 go swimming in the Summer Term on a Thursday.


    Our timetable


    This is an example of our weekly timetable.





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