Year 5

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 An important year…

Year 5 is the transition from lower to upper Key Stage 2 and a crucial year in your child’s education. We endeavour to work in partnership you to make it as stimulating, challenging and enjoyable as possible for your child. We will focus on developing your child’s independence and ensure they are confident individuals, successful learners, effective contributors and  ready for their final year at primary school.

    • In the Autumn term our theme was World War II. We visited the Imperial War Museum in Manchester and learned a lot about life in this country 75 years ago.  

      We read ‘Adolphus Tips’ and ‘Friend or Foe’ as our class reads, both written by Michael Morpurgo who is one of our favourite authors. 

      We did some amazing literacy work, including writing newspaper reports, poetry, recounts, diaries etc.

      In maths we learnt all about prime numbers, prime factors as well as square and cube times tables. The record for reciting the cubed numbers up to 1728 (12 cubed) is currently 5 seconds! We also practised our formal written methods and feel more confident with them now.



    • Our Spring Topic was ‘Wonder’ based on the modern classic by R.J. Palacio. We loved reading the book and it inspired us to ‘Choose Kind’ and to always see the best in people. 

      Our class assembly was memorable! We performed ‘Wonder’ by Emile Sande accompanied by chime bars and drums played by our class. We also sang ‘The Wonder of You’ and Louis Armstrong’s ‘What a Wonderful World’. In addition we focused on the Seven Wonders of the World and looked at some incredible photography. 


      Within Maths, the focus was on fractions, decimals and percentages. There are lots of games on the VLE for the children to practise their skills.

      The Science topic was electricity and we learned all about circuits. 

    • Our Summer term topic is Ancient Greece. We are very excited to be reading ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief; as a class. 

      We will also be finding out about all mythical creatures, myths, legends and the Greek gods and goddesses. 

      In Science we are investigating and learning about all things growing, through studying habitats and life cycles. The seeds we planted before the holidays are doing well, soon to be planted out.

      Maths focus will be data handling, time and shape. Of course we will also be keeping up our number work and problem solving too.

      Literacy is all about play scripts and narrative poems this term.

      We are very fortunate to have professional coaches in for gymnastics and sports. 














    Maths Games Zone









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