Year 4 2021 - 2022

Mrs Vernon


Term 1

In maths we will be focussing on the place value of four digit numbers, addition and subtraction methods and Roman Numerals. We will work hard to apply these to real life problem solving situations. It is important that children practise their times tables and are able to recall the facts quickly.

During this term we link a lot of our work to the Ancient Egyptians. Using geographical skills we look at where Egypt is, how important the River Nile was to the ancient civilisation, their lifestyle and of course, the gruesome instructions on how bodies were mummified! We go behind the scenes in King Tutankhamun tombs and discover the amazing treasures. The children will be writing using a variety of techniques and covering both fiction and non-fiction work. There will be opportunities for them to further develop their speaking and listening, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.


Term 2

Our topic during the Spring Term is ‘The Terrible Tudors,’ and much of the Literacy work is linked to this period in history.
We begin with the final battle of the Wars of the Roses – The Battle of Bosworth and how the Tudors tried hard to bring peace to England.  The children discover what kind of monarch Henry VIII was, including what happened to his six wives.  Learning a song certainly helps us to remember!
In Science, we develop our understanding of sound and electricity.


We are developing our understanding of fractions and decimals this term, which includes adding fractions and identifying equivalent fractions. We are working hard at applying our knowledge to real life problem solving and keep practising the skills we learnt last term. Times tables and the corresponding division facts continue to be important as we aim for a 3 second recall of facts. Once we know these it helps in lots of other areas in our maths work.

Term 3

In Numeracy, we concentrate on geometry and statistics. We will be consolidating our previous knowledge and further developing our understanding of data handling.

Our Literacy will be linked to our topic on Australia and will include biographies, adventure stories and information texts.

During this term our topic is based on the question ‘I wonder what it would be like to live in Australia?’  The children do some fantastic aboriginal art work using a variety of techniques.

In science we look at animals in different habitats and this links to the indigenous animals of Australia.


We constantly encourage children to read with regular opportunities within all the lessons across the curriculum.  The children take part in Whole Class Reading, sharing and enjoying a text together, looking for definitions of unknown words and answering a variety of comprehension style questions to further develop understanding.

Year 4 enjoy a range of sports and PE activities from team games and gymnastics to dance and swimming.

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