Our Curriculum Aim: Learning for Life
Our curriculum aim is Learning for Life; to deliver a curriculum that motivates and inspires children to develop a livelong love of learning and will equip them with key skills and qualities they need to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

As a state primary school we follow the new National Curriculum 2014, which outlines every child’s legal entitlement to a broad and balanced education. Building on the National Curriculum as a foundation, we are committed to shaping a unique Bolshaw Curriculum, which provides personalised, purposeful educational opportunities for all our children.

Our Curriculum Approach: A Skills-Based Curriculum
Our skills based curriculum incorporates the National Curriculum expectations but also encourages children to be successful, confident learners who are responsible citizens and effective contributors. Skills are used and applied through curricular themes that teachers and children plan and develop together. We believe no two classes are the same and that the curriculum must reflect the interests and needs of the class. The themes bring together subjects such as Art, Design Technology, Geography, History and ICT together with elements of Enterprise, Environment, Spiritual & Moral learning and a Community aspect. By the time the children reach Year 6 they are able to plan their own individual curriculum theme, based on the famous Mastermind ‘Ive started so I’ll finish!’ The children are able to plan and incorporate all National Curriculum requirements through a skills based learning approach. This is the penultimate learning journey our children look forward to in Year 6.

Our skills based curriculum at Bolshaw incorporates 12 key aspects of learning:The skills are:

  • Communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Empathy
  • Enquiry
  • Evaluation
  • Managing feelings
  • Motivation
  • Problem Solving
  • Information Processing
  • Reasoning
  • Self awareness
  • Social skills

Teaching and Learning at Bolshaw
We recognise that children differ widely in personality, ability, speed and style of learning. At Bolshaw we make sure our teaching methods take account of these differences. Individual, group and class activities are planned to support every child as an individual.  This makes sure that your child will be successful at his or her own level, will be motivated to learn and therefore gain self esteem and confidence through a sense of achievement.

There is still a place for traditional class lessons but we know that children learn more effectively when they take an active collaborative approach. We keep whole class teaching and learning to short periods of time so teachers can concentrate on more targeted 1:1 and focused small group teaching and learning.

We encourage children to learn independently by themselves, as well as collaboratively in small groups and as a class. Taking responsibility for and ownership of their learning helps them develop skills for lifelong learning.

Bolshaw Primary School

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