In KS1 and KS2, the children receive daily literacy lessons in which they will learn to become fluent writers. Bolshaw Primary School are proud to boast writing results that have been significantly above the national average in recent years at the end of Key Stage Two. This success has stemmed from giving writing a real purpose for the children. In upper key stage two we have also been trailing a structured approach to writing:

  • A Cold Write: A piece of writing inspired by an exciting stimulus (a video clip or engaging picture) based on a specific genre which is explored through collaboration with peers. This is largely a diagnostic tool for teachers to establish bespoke lessons leading up to the next independent piece of writing.
  • A Warm Write: After several lessons based on individualised targets, children have a Warm Write centred on the similar if not the same stimulus from their Cold Write. This allows the children to see the progress they have made against their targets from their Cold Write. After their Warm Write, children receive detailed feedback that provides them with ‘Next Steps’ as well as an opportunity to reflect and improve specific elements of their writing.
  • A Hot Write: After further objectives are explored as a result of the information gleaned from the Warm Write, children produce a final piece of writing that is then reflected, edited and improved upon.

At the heart of this model are the inspiring lessons taught in between each of the ‘Writes’ that aim to embed children’s understanding of National Curriculum literacy objectives as well as key grammar and punctuation objectives. These lessons aim to inspire children and provide them with a love of language and literature. Furthermore, we aim to provide children with spiritually uplifting moments when they reflect on the progress they have made through the cycle.

In KS1 we employ the ‘talk 4 writing’ principles to expand vocabulary and embed story content and structure.

Below are the National Curriculum 2014 Key Learning Objectives for Year 1 to Year 6 in Writing.

The national curriculum sets out a programme of study for each year group, Click here to read the spelling rules we teach in each year group.

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