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Here at Bolshaw Primary we have been very lucky to have a hard working and enthusiastic PTA for a number of years now. Recently the group changed its set up, and now we have a PTFA, (Parents, Teachers and Friends Association).

Why the change? Well in truth it’s not just parents and teachers who are involved in working with the school. Relatives, family friends and the wider community all offer invaluable help and support for our children, and having a PTFA means we can grow this even more.

What are the aims of Bolshaw PTFA? To raise funds to buy or at least contribute towards the provision of items and facilities that will benefit the children that the school could not otherwise afford; to organise social events for children, parents and carers, their friends and wider family; and to foster wider community relationships with Bolshaw Primary School.

To give you an idea of projects we’ve been involved in recently, in October 2019 the school had a wonderful new trim trail installed that will no doubt give the children years of fun in the fresh air. This was all funded through the hard work and generosity of parents, carers and friends. In addition our annual Christmas Fair was yet again a great success, with scores of visitors coming to enjoy the festive spirit.

Who can belong to the PTFA? Any parent, guardian or carer who has children attending Bolshaw Primary, along with teaching and non-teaching staff at the school, are automatically a member of the PTFA.  Anyone else over the age of 18 who wishes to offer appropriate support or help is welcome to join the PTFA.

How can we find out more? Each year there is an Annual General Meeting to which all parents, carers, friends and staff are invited.  This is a great way of meeting people for the first time and hearing about the PTFA's achievements and plans. You can also write to us at or message our Facebook page Bolshaw Primary School PTFA. Alternatively you can always contact the school office.

Committee Meetings are held approximately every 5 or 6 weeks during term time, but you don’t need to be a member to if you’d like to get involved. Come along to a meeting to find out more as newcomers will always be made most welcome!

Friends in the School Community. Being a member of the PTFA will, we hope, give you lots of pleasure and enhance family relationship with the school.  Parents, carers, staff and friends all combine as individuals to form a friendly school.  Everyone is made welcome at any stage through their involvement with the school and it is never too late to get involved.  We are always on the lookout for new members with new and fresh ideas, or helpers to run a stall at an event for half an hour. Whatever you can put in will always be appreciated much more than you can imagine.

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