How do we teach Reading?
Reading has a high profile at Bolshaw. It is the key to effective learning.

Children are encouraged to appreciate books, to read independently, to make good progress and to take immense pleasure in reading. We aim to foster skills which will remain with the children for life.

Bolshaw Primary School have an exciting, child-friendly system for teaching reading. We use a range of teaching approaches to help children learn to read. Our early phonics and reading strategies are built around jolly phonics and letters and sounds. Teachers and support staff deliver daily phonics sessions, group reading actitives, whole class reading and 1:1 reading. During the range of reading activities children are challenged to engage with texts and explore their meaning through group discussion and drama activities. The children have opportunities to complete a range of activities throughout the week, all of which are specifically matched against reading objectives as well as the needs of the children. Interactive activities are often created by teachers to guide independent groups in focused exploration on a reading objective.

Our reading schemes (Oxford Reading Tree, Project X, Collins Big Cat and Bug Club) have been carefully selected to provide children with a love of reading as well as opportunities for reading interesting and engaging fiction and non-fiction texts. The scheme is ordered into precise ‘Book Bands’ (which are also linked in with the ‘synthetic phonics’ that is taught alongside reading which is detailed in our phonics information). These are monitored regularly so that children are constantly exposed to texts that are matched to their exact reading level. Our ‘Book Band’ pathway can be viewed here:

Where necessary, children have additional 1-to-1 reading sessions run on a daily basis as well as personalised programs such as Toe by Toe, Reading Recovery and SERI. Furthermore, comprehension interventions are utilised to build children’s stamina and ability to tackle a variety of different question types.



In addition to this, children at Bolshaw Primary School are fostered with a life-long love of reading through many different inspirational, engaging activities, whether it be attending the local library to sign up for a library card, being inspired by visiting authors or taking part in buddy reading activities.

Below are the National Curriculum  Key Learning Objectives for Year 1 to Year 6 in Reading.

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