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Complaints Procedure

We use Stockport’s model schools’ policy. A parental summary can be found here.

We are committed to working with parents and carers to get the best for your children. It is an important partnership and we want you to feel happy to raise any concern you may have about the school with the confidence it will be treated seriously, and resolved swiftly and satisfactorily. While we would ask you take time to look at the information above, the process is briefly summarised below.


Stage 1 – Class teacher / Headteacher

If you do have a concern or a complaint we encourage you in the first instance to speak with your child’s class teacher who is often best-placed to answer any queries and resolve any issues at this point. Whilst most complaints are successfully resolved using this approach, there may be occasions when the member of staff first contacted cannot resolve your concern or the matter warrants the immediate involvement of the headteacher. If this is the case you may be asked to make an appointment to discuss the matter and / or to put your concern or complaint in writing.

For procedural purposes, the results of any such meeting will signify the school’s response at stage 1. Alternatively, if your complaint is made in writing and you do not wish to meet with the headteacher, you will receive a written response and this will also signify the school’s response at stage 1.


Stage 2 – Chair of Governing Body

If you wish to take your concerns further you can progress the matter to stage 2. Ideally, you should do this by writing to the Chair of Governors outlining your complaint, the reasons for your dissatisfaction and your preferred outcome. This will help to ensure the Chair fully understands the issues when investigating the matter. You will receive a written response and this will also signify the school’s response at stage 2


Stage 3 – Governing Body Complaint Panel

Should you remain dissatisfied with the Chair’s response at stage 2, you can request the matter progress to the formal appeal stage of the process. Ideally, you should do this in the first instance by contacting the Complaints Resolution Service (CRS) using the telephone number below who will advise you how to proceed. The complaint Panel will consist of three governors with no prior involvement in the complaint or in the circumstances surrounding it and a decision letter outlining the decision of the Panel will be sent to the parent and headteacher within 15 working days of the meeting.


If you are unsure or, wish to clarify any aspect of the complaint process, please contact the headteacher.


Parent Summary for Complaints about a Stockport Local Authoirty School 

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