School Meals


We all know that a balanced and nutritious diet is essential to the health of a growing child and that finding the right balance in a packed lunch can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Our meal service is provided by Totally Local Company.

What are the benefits of having a school meal?

Surveys show children enjoy our meals
Children choose from a variety of dishes
Healthy eating policy contributes to a balanced diet
Our meals are freshly prepared by trained staff
Option of vegetarian meals, salads and fresh fruit
Lively meal times with friends improve children’s social skills

Meals save parents time and effort preparing a packed lunch
Excellent value for money at £2.60
well fed child is more receptive to afternoon classes
Lunches can be paid for in advance
Special diets are catered for


Did You Know….?

Your Child’s health is always our main concern and in order to ensure they remain healthy and happy, we:

  • Provide fresh fruit and fruit juice daily
  • Only use semi-skimmed milk
  • Oven bake or grill all foods
  • Do not use mechanically recovered meat
  • Only use vegetable oil or polyunsaturated margarine in our cooking
  • Include a minimum of one vegetable daily
  • Offer filled jacket potatoes daily, as an alternative to the main course
  • Have ‘four item’ salads available daily
  • Organise various theme days through the school year 
  • Provide on going training for all our staff in good food hygiene practices in relation to current food hygiene regulations
  • Meet the requirements of the Government’s Nutritional Guidelines for School Meals
  • Cater for vegetarians and special dietary requirements
  • Use high quality, branded products from reputable suppliers
  • Provide menus offering a choice of main meal and desserts daily


Currently infants are entitled to a Government funded school meal. Junior meals must be paid for.


If you wish your child to have school meals please contact the school office. We prefer one weeks notice to change your child’s lunchtime arrangements to give our chef time to adjust the food order.  The current cost is £2.60/day or £13.00/week. Meals can be paid for by cheque (made payable to Bolshaw Primary School), cash or on ParentMail. Meals should be paid for in advance each Monday morning or at the beginning of each half term.

The menus attached for download alternate each week, with menu 1 starting the week commencing 4th September.


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