Head Boy and Head Girl

Welcome to our school

Hello, we are the Heads and Deputy’s of Bolshaw Primary School.

We have the important job of being the leading role models for all our children. We represent the school at different events and show visitors around.

Here at Bolshaw, we have seven core values. Our main value is RESPECT.  To respect yourself and everyone else. There are many different things to learn about at school and we all recognise that we all have strengths but we also have things we need to improve on. Our school helps us to learn about ourselves as individuals, accept everyone and do your best in everything.

When your child starts at Bolshaw, there are four great aims for him/her to achieve; to be a Successful Learner, Confident Individual, Effective Contributor and a Responsible Citizen.

We are here to help them.

Remember if you can believe, you will achieve!

Bolshaw Primary School

Cross Road, Heald Green, Cheadle, SK8 3LW

Lynda Brown

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